identity theft isn’t so bad.

i’m embarrassed how long it’s been since my last post. i mean, come on.

but my last conversation in a starbucks may have lead me to become a victim of identity theft. so, that should make up for my hiatus.

yes? good.

it started like any other conversation. over my laptop. “you working on school stuff?”

“no. some personal writing.”

“on what?”

“a book.”

that’s where i wanted the conversation to end. the questions were coming from an older man with no wedding ring and the type of extroverted personality only persistent salesmen have. no surprises here – he was a persistent salesman. so persistent, in fact, he persuaded me to recite my story’s pitch, share about my family, and offer my email address for a business venture. it all happened so fast. and as it was happening, as words were slipping from my mouth, i was slowly realizing i was being swindled into sharing information i typically cling to. this is the gift of the persistent salesman. to agree to his pitch before reason sets in.

before i’d realized it, he’d gotten what he needed. not my social security number or my PIN, but creative, quirky bits about my person i usually protect. so in a way, in an unconventional-not-quite-how-the-dictionary-defines-it kind of way, he stole a bit of my introverted identity. less harmful than true identity theft, true. but closely as invasive. to me anyway — born introvert. protector of inner thoughts and feelings.

i could acquire a snarling attitude towards questioners — or. or i could let my guard down around inquisitive people, trusting that their prying questions and persistent personalities are sincere. it’s just their way. and i can trust that fully now, now that no money has gone missing or credit cards have been over charged. his persistency was just that. a means to converse.

i can deal with that kind of identity theft.


About Robin Puelma

Freelance writer with a passion for crafting stories for middle-graders and beyond.

One comment

  1. Gale

    Well-described.. I feel your violation. But good for you for continuing to leave the door open a crack 🙂

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