i got in trouble.

while my laptop often sparks conversation, today it deterred me from having one. maybe i need to stop sitting at these small, knock-your-neighbor’s-elbows-your-so-close tables, but they work (and seemingly feed this blog), so i continue to sit here.

so my laptop was in need of power; i found a plug under the table next to me, and since no one was sitting there, i plugged my cord in and continued typing. about an hour later, an older woman, who looked to be setteling in next to me–book, two bags, bagel and coffee–made to scoot in between tables to her seat. when she saw that my cord stretched awkwardly in her path, she stopped. i apologized and smiled, anticipating a friendly grin from a woman i could envision to be my grandmother. instead, she stared blankly at me–completely. blank. i’m talking dead pan–and entered on the other side.

where i’m sure she now sits, judging me. to her i’m an inconsiderate youth type who cares more about my gadgets than i do people. she stared at me like i had spilled her coffee and ignored it. like i had insulted her adorable grandchildren. like i had cut her off in line. it’s interesting what one stare can do.

(i’m sure she’s doing none of that. i tend to overanalyze everything. from a simple stare to a quick dismissal from a woman who i offered to go ahead of me at the pharmacy. everything. they don’t like me, i think. they’re going to talk about how they encountered a rude beast while out doing their honorable errands. i told you. everything. so in reality, i must assume  her stare simply meant to state i can’t get through.

yes. i’ll believe that. in the meantime, i’ll sit so still she’ll forget that i’m here.)



About Robin Puelma

Freelance writer with a passion for crafting stories for middle-graders and beyond.

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